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Travel Protection Singapore

Protect Against Financial Loss when Travel Agency Closed Down Unexpectedly 

Travel insurance in Singapore is bought by people who travel out of Singapore, whether it is to visit friends, stay in overseas vacation house or just simply for holidays. It is designed to cover the unexpected events that may occur during the time of travel. Travel insurance offers financial compensation should the traveler experience challenges such as illness, loss of belongings, accidents which include flight and other mishaps related to the travel during the defined period.

It is important to understand what different companies offer to avoid disappointments in case the unexpected happens during the travel.

Common coverage of Travel insurance

  1. Whenever there is a security threat, could be in the country of travel, it supports safe evacuation to safer places as per the policy document.
  2. Able to cater for any medically related conditions that occur during travel. In case of any dental challenges, while away from home, it thoroughly covers for the dental consultations as per the reviewing doctors’ advice. A toothache is one of the pains that one would never wish that it happens even in the usual daily operations, as such travel insurance gives relieve to get the best medication while you are overseas.
  3. Cancellation of travel arising from unforeseen events – whether the flight or trip cancellation is due to travel warning or insolvency of the travel agency, travel insurance should cover this.
  4. Return of the remains to home country - In the unexpected event that a person dies while on travel, travel insurance will cover for the fee associated with the bringing the remains back to Singapore.
  5. Losses of personal belonging during the trip. This is perhaps the most common claims for travel insurance. Whether you have lost or damaged your personal items, you know that they are well covered.

If you travel very frequently, it is wise to get an annual travel insurance plan instead of single trip insurance policy as you are likely to enjoy a reduced premium per trip and have a peace of mind and convenience while traveling during the entire year.

Travel insurance is usually cheaper if you purchase it under a family plan than buying each family member a separate travel insurance plan.

Travel without worries

Example of How Travel Insurance Helps

Mary travelled from Singapore to the US. On arrival at the US, a strange disease struck her due to change of weather conditions. Fortunately she had an insurance to cover all her medical treatments. Otherwise, her savings would have been depleted by the medical bills.

Medical Expenses During Holidays

More Reasons for Travel Protection

Travel insurance or travel protection should not be something to negotiate about bearing in mind the kind of risks that one will be exposing themselves in without it.

Going for a holiday in a purely unknown country without the insurance can be stressful. Imagine falling sick and being stranded there without medical attention is something you would like to avoid. It would have been better to be evacuated back home for specialized treatment than dying and being left alone in a strange land. Travel insurance need not be expensive. There are very affordable insurance coverage for tours and travel. You just have to contact the right insurance professional to get this sorted out.

Emergency Medical Repatriation during holidays

Many times, when a person falls ill while away from home, the families have difficulties sourcing for funds for treatment and subsequent evacuation. It even becomes more challenging when a person dies in a foreign country.

The burden of repatriating the remains back to Singapore becomes a nightmare.

Presumably, your expensive luggage gets lost during travel, your holiday will automatically be disrupted and be forced to start from scratch to get to know where to start from. Had there been the travel insurance in place, the trip would continue with peace of mind since this will be claimed and paid.

Medical Evacuation Costs Covered by Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance to Cover Loss from Closure of Travel Agency

It is usual for company to face financial difficulties and close down. Travel agency also faces the same challenging business environment like other businesses. It is important for travelers to buy a travel insurance as soon as they booked their trip so that they can make a claim if the travel agency cannot continue its operation and is unable to make a refund.

Coverage and compensation for Missed Travel

Important Documents when Submitting Travel Insurance Claim

Documents for Medical Claim

You should obtain the original medical bills and receipts as well as the medical report or patient discharge summary to claim for the expenses incurred during your travel.

Documents for Claims on Loss of Personal Belongings

For claiming of loss of belonging from your travel insurance company, you should obtain a policy report in the country where the items were lost.

Letters to furnish when claiming travel loss

Documents for Claims on Damaged Baggage

For claiming for damaged baggage or luggage, you should have a report or letter from Airlines or Airport management if the baggage is damaged at the airport. If it is damaged at the hotel, the letter or report should come from the hotel.

You should also provide original proof of purchase and cost of baggage.

Other Types of Insurance

Having great insurance coverage for travel at affordable rate is one of the services we provide. We also provide other insurance products and services. Have you look into your home insurance (or home contents insurance and empty home insurance), fire insurance, mortgage insurance, pet insurance, etc. Our insurance advisers are here to sort out all the details and coverage for you. Just give us a call at for a discussion of how you can better protect yourself in terms of insurance coverage.

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