Insurance Coverage for Pets

Pet Insurance Singapore

Insurance Coverage to Provide Necessary Medical and Other Support for Pets

Insurance Coverage for Pets

Insurance Coverage for Pets

Pet Insurance Protection Made Easy with Us

Pet insurance policy caters for the health of the pets in the house. Pet stays with us in the house, and due care must be taken to ensure that it enjoys good health and atmosphere. Just like how we bought insurance for the house we stayed and for family members. Pet becomes part of the family the minute it is brought into the household. It even learns the character of the people it lives with and adapts to them. As such, if we care to buy home or travel insurance, there should not be an excuse for not covering your pet for unfortunate incident.

Insurance for Dog

Pet should be given special care and attention the same way the owner would give to the family members. In the event of the unforeseen circumstances that it falls sick, it should be given necessary medical treatment. Pet insurance can save the pet owner financially as the costs of consulting a veterinarian and the medical treatment will be covered by the insurance.

Purpose of Pet Insurance

Maintaining a pet's health can be expensive.  Being a pet lover, it is of paramount importance to ensure that if the pet is sick, there is immediate support concerning medical consultation and prescription.

With pet insurance, you can afford to give your lovely pet quality medical treatment when they need it. You can feel assured that your pet will receive the necessary attention by a reputable veterinarian.

Whenever there are emergencies, the veterinarian is a call away and will attend to the sick pet within a short notice. You, the pet owner, can have a peace of mind when you do not have to hesitate to call for the veterinarian.

Covering the medical care of pets with insurance

Regrets of not having a Pet Insurance

At one time or another, your pet may experience sickness, just like human. Pet owners with no insurance may not be able to get a veterinarian to check on the pet and prescribe suitable medication because veterinarian is considered a specialist and therefore the cost of consulting the veterinarian is never cheap. Some may be caught in a situation where they are not able to pay for the expensive treatment and be responsible for the pet’s pre-mature death. Will the guilt of not being able to provide the pet with medical treatment linger in the mind?

With the pet insurance policy, all these would not be regrets since the pet insurance would have taken care of the medical needs sufficiently.

Premium Pet Insurance

Cost of Finding Lost Pet is Covered by Insurance

Some pet insurance policy covers the cost of finding a lost pet like the cost of advertising to look for missing dog or cat. If you do not have the insurance coverage, you will bear the cost and time to look for the pet.

With the examples above, people must change their perception of home content insurance. It is essential for all homeowners and not just for the rich who have millions worth of assets at home. Minimize the financial stress to you and your family by getting the home contents insurance as soon as possible.

Insurance for searching lost dog

Things to Note for Pet Insurance

There may be deductibles when there is a veterinary visit (i.e. some payable amounts depending on the pet insurance policy document).

There may be payout limits. This means that when your compensation may be capped at a certain amount. The following are some of the common payout limits:

  • The maximum annual payouts.
  • Payout based on the lifetime of the pet upon estimated lifespan.
  • The payout that is done upon each incident that is experienced.
Claiming Insurance for Pet Expenses

With the variety of affordable insurance plans available for pets, you should get your pet covered. Some of the fantastic benefits that ought not to be ignored are:

  • Extra benefits which are commonly known as the riders which include the dental coverage.
  • Having a wide range of network of the veterinarians who are available to attend to the pet.
  • Manageable costs that include immunization and other routine procedures all which one is assured of getting quality services.

Therefore, do not make the mistake of living without the pet insurance.

Other Insurance

Our insurance professionals are trained holistically to take care of you and your family needs. Let us know if you need us to brief you on all the other insurance which you may need:

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  2. Comprehensive Fire Insurance
  3. Insurance for Home Loan or Mortgage
  4. Low Cost Travel Insurance
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