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In Singapore, not only the cost of living is rising, vet cost is also rising and probably rising faster than cost of living. Many pet owners do not realize the importance of pet insurance till they face it. If you are a pet owner, we urge you to obtain a comprehensive pet insurance policy so that you can give your pet the most appropriate medical treatment when they are sick or injured without worrying about the vet cost.

Pet's Vet Cost in Singapore

Example of High Vet Cost from Injury

A typical example is John (not his real name) who is living in a condominium at the East of Singapore. He has 2 dogs and is staying on level 2. One day, one of his dogs went crazy and jumped out of his apartment's window. Though the dog survived the episode, it suffered from broken legs. John did not buy any pet insurance for his dogs and had to pay substantial vet cost or fee to for his dog's medical treatment and vet consultation. It was an expensive lesson he learned. Since then, both his dogs have been covered by pet insurance and he knows that the dogs' medical expensive well-taken care of when they are ill or injured.

Vet Cost and Pet Insurance

Pet insurance may not seem essential to many pet owners but research shows many pet owners are more likely to make a claim on this insurance than many other types of insurance (e.g. home contents insurance, fire insurance, etc.). As such, it is wise to seriously look into getting your pet insured to mitigate the high vet cost nowadays.

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How about the Insurance for Pet Owners?

Pet insurance aside if you have decided to purchase one. How about also covering yourself with the following insurance:

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