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Cleaning service business is a labour intensive business where your employees or cleaners have to enter clients' homes and/or offices to perform cleaning work. Whether it is home cleaning or office cleaning, there are risks to the cleaners and to your business. Your cleaning service business involves handling other people's assets like carpet, sofa and kitchen cabinet. Your cleaner may accidentally damage clients' properties like furniture, flooring and walls or cause injuries to the home owners or third parties when they perform their cleaning tasks. It can be the corrosive cleaning solution which damages the flooring or furniture. It can be the iron which burns or spoils the property or the steam cleaner which hurt someone. It can also be an injury as a result of slippery floor. Or perhaps someone blame your cleaning company for not keeping the place clean enough and resulting in health issues to the family members. There are so many possibilities. Claims and legal action for medical compensation or damages to properties may create financial stress and end your cleaning service business prematurely.

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Two Basic Cleaning Service Business Insurance to Get

Cleaning service business should have a public liability insurance (sometimes also known as general liability insurance) to cover cost of injury to someone and damage to properties when your cleaners are performing the cleaning tasks. As part of Singapore law, your business is required to get work injury compensation insurance for all employees doing manual work. Therefore, work injury compensation insurance is another insurance you should get. The 2 insurance above are the most basic ones your cleaning service business should have.

If you are still hesitant about getting an insurance for your cleaning service business. Think again. You do not have control over what will happen and how the client or third party may react when there is injury or damage. Your safest bet is still to get the insurance coverage for your cleaning service business. When damages or injuries occurred while cleaning, your insurance policy can cover the compensation. Perhaps the most costly claims are lawsuits relating to injury. If the client alleges that she slipped and broke her spine from fall as a result of the wet floor created by your cleaner, your business may be made responsible for the cost of medical treatment. It may be worse if they take legal action to claim for lost of income and other stuff. If you are insured and there is a legal action against your business, your public liability insurance policy can provide funds to defend your business in court. As legal costs can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars, the public liability insurance is the step to ensure that your business survive when there is unforeseen lawsuits and claims.

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