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Affordable and cheap travel insurance is offered by many insurance companies. However, the cost of travel insurance alone should not be the sole determinant when selecting and buying a travel insurance to cover your overseas trips.

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You should look at the following factors:

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  1. What is the coverage?
    It is important to know the extent of travel insurance coverage you need before buying the insurance. It is more common to encounter claims for lost baggage and medical expense while travelling. As such, looking at the what you would bring for your overseas holidays and the cap on amount of compensation is important. If it costs substantially to replace the contents of your luggage and your luggage itself, you must make sure that the compensation capping of the travel insurance covers them sufficiently. For medical expenses, it is also important to find out the basic medical cost of medical consultation, hospitalization and treatment. If the medical cost is high for a foreigner and the travel insurance coverage restricts your overseas medical claims to certain amount, you will find that you are under insured for your travel. You may also wish to check check out the cost of medical or emergency evacuation in that country which you are travelling to. If your overseas destination is near to earthquake zone or tsuinami prone area, emergency evacuation coverage from your travel insurance is critical. Generally travel insurance are grouped according to certain region. It will cost you more or less the same if you travel to that region. However, if you are travelling near to earthquake zone, you may wish to purchase the travel insurance with greater coverage. Besides covering the high cost of emergency evacuation and medical treatment, it covers the other loss and disruptions to travel. It is also important to take note that some travel protection plan may specifically excludes coverage for natural disasters. As such, you must be careful in your selection to make sure that you are not stranded overseas with travel insurance which does not sufficiently covered the full spectum of mishaps which you may face overseas.
  2. What is the cost?
    We have prioritize overseas insurance coverage more than the cost because the travel insurance is useless if it does not give you the necessary coverage no matter how cheap it is. Once you have determined the few travel insurance package which meets your coverage needs, then it is time to compare the cost of each travel insurance offered by different insurance companies.
  3. whether there is preferential rates?
    You should also look at the possibility of preferntial rates given to clubs, associations or family. Family travel insurance package is usually cheaper than stand alone travel insurance for each family member. If you are members of certain clubs and associations, they may have tied up with insurance companies for special discounts or rebates. For example, SAFRA members who purchase AIA travel insurance will get a 20% off (based on information as at 31 July 2018).
  4. Ease of Making Insurance Claims
    Sometimes, the most frustrating issue is lodging the travel insurance claims and following up with the payment. Moreover, the report for such claim must be written accurately and technically correct. As such, some claims can be rejected because the claimant is not able to provide a report and documentation which is acceptable by the insurance company. As such, it may good to get an insurance agent or professional to assist in your purchase of travel insurance and follow up with any claims if necessary.
  5. Annual Travel Insurance versus Per Trip Travel Insurance
    If you travel very frequently, it will be cheaper to buy an annual travel insurance package. You will realize that the accumulated cost of buying travel insurance for every trip is much higher than the annual travel insurance package.
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